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  1. Kyle Keiper: About Me

    Hi, Everyone!

    My name is Kyle Keiper, and I’ve been invited to write here on the Manz Web Designs blog. I’m a college student studying Web Design, and I’ve had several years practical experience in the field. I know about a number of web technologies, but by no means am I a master. If you have questions or improvements, please post them as comments!

    I’m from north-eastern Ohio, and I got to know Bud through his love of music. We really hit it off, and found out that we both are very interested in web site design as well as programming.

    In the past, I’ve enjoyed writing Java applications in my spare time, but recently, I’ve found that I enjoy PHP applications just as much. I really enjoy the scripting when it comes to websites because it makes you feel good when you can get something to be useful.

    My most recent project has been working on a PHP Class to simplify a bunch of common MySQL utilities. I realize that I could have just gone out there and grabbed a library for it, but I wanted to learn more about PHP classes, so that’s been my active project recently. Currently, there are 8 functions in the class, ranging from creating the connection with the database to retrieving and formatting data quickly to executing from a file! It’s been a fun learning experience, and I am very open to suggestions for it.


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