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Tough Web Requirements?

Manz Web Designs, LLC Has Your Answers

Computers are great! If you are like me, you have a lot of ideas about how your computer should work for you. But unless there is a talented individual to help with problems and program things for you, it won’t happen.

Our business is a mail order chocolate business called Al-Meda Chocolates, we have a complex program that is used to take phone orders, and to follow inventory. I first met Alvin “Bud” Manz a number of years ago when the person that created our program was having trouble networking them. Bud stopped by one afternoon and in no time had them communicating with each other. Since then he has helped with various problems that all of us have with these machines and programs.

Recently, Bud started creating and maintaining web sites. Our site has been on-line since 1999, but I’ve never been totally satisfied with the person taking care of it. This summer he made great improvements for us. Because our business has various sizes of boxes, and many choices of chocolates to choose from, our web site never had an order page. Bud used his multiple computer skills and created an on-line order page that I feel is easy for the customer to follow.

If you have ever been frustrated with some of things I’ve mentioned, give Bud Manz a call. It doesn’t take him long to get an understanding about what you have in mind. And, if it isn’t what you want, he keeps working until it is. Or, if your computer isn’t working correctly, Bud will laugh about it and say, “Give me a little time to think about this”. Before you know it, he has the solution and your computer is doing what you want it to do.

Bud, thanks for all your help over the years.


Brent Taylor, owner
Al-Meda Chocolates
Archbold, Ohio

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