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Are your website emails ending up in your recipients’ spam folders?

How does email servers get added to an email black list?

  • Spam complaints – If your recipients click the Spam button it can cause Internet/Email Service Providers (IESPs) to think your email content or list hygiene is bad.
  • Mail volume – Shared servers are at risk due to the sheer number of emails sent by so many domain names (literally hundreds/thousands sometimes) can cause your host to be added to such a list.
  • Bad lists or addresses – Email addresses that bounce (return to sender as undeliverable) can signal an IESP that there is nefarious activity.
  • Email list size spike – Lists are wonderful ways to engage your clients but, if it spikes in size, IESPs may flag your list as being a purchased list

If this is your experience, we provide authoritative domain email services that will help eliminate that problem! What about spammers, hackers, and phishers? Protect your email communications with Google Workspace or Office 365!

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