Enhance your website with professional copywriting services

Not only can Manz Web Designs offer you incredible web designs, we can market your sales campaign with engaging and persuasive website content that will ignite intrigue and curiosity into the hearts of your ideal target audience; gaining your business repeat customers for life.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting makes an IMPRESSION

Copywriting is the difference between a website people visit and forget about versus a website that makes those people want to stick around to order or get in their car and hightail it to your shop.

your customers looking at your amazing website!

Copywriting RESONATES

Copywriters bridge the gap between client and customer when communication skills aren’t exactly their strong suit. Copywriters resonate with them on a deep level, highlighting the deeper benefits your target audience are already searching for. Copywriters write as if they’re talking to their best friend. That’s where the true beauty of words come into play.

What’s so different about our copywriter?

Copywriters are ADVOCATES…

…and ours will advocate for you.

Our professional copywriter creates a simple, yet magical, array of words, in just the right tone (your tone!) to ignite curiosity, intrigue, excitement, and opportunity. It’s our job to get your target audience to fall in love with our content. So, with that accomplished, we know we can get them to fall in love with your brand.

But..Why Copywriting?

  • Copywriters get people to like you
  • Copywriters get people to trust you
  • Copywriters get people to buy from you
  • Copywriting brings more validity to your business

And did you know?

  • A solid about me page on your site shows legitimacy!
  • Copywriters are powerful proofreaders – A set of fresh eyes is proven to be a valuable asset to businesses
  • They’re Stellar editors – Don’t see any typos in your copy? Get a second opinion – just in case
  • And great storytellers – copywriters are vastly creative. They can take your 3k extra long medium and bring it down to a 300 word medium staying mindful of your vision, your key points, SEO, as well as any and all special discounts or sales.

Not everyone can write. Most copywriters can’t even design, but they understand and deeply value the power of words. So, who cares who’s great with words or not? What matters most is that we got your back, no matter what.

Ready For Awesome?

Contact us today to find out how adding copywriting to your website will pave your road for greater success.

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