Al-Meda Order Page Complete!

Al-Meda Order Page Complete!

I put the finishing touches on the order page for Al-Meda Chocolates, Inc. So now you can go buy their delicious chocolate treats (among other things) online!

This page features a custom-designed back-end that checks form submission for spam users and alerts the administrator for the site of detected attempts as well as logs the spam event before sending the order to the email specified by the user for order processing.

If you have any love for chocolate, my recommendation is the “Al-Meda’s Famous Chocolate Stix”, which is a “tender, toffee-like delicacy with fresh-roasted nuts, coated with the purest natural chocolate”, as their website says. My favorite is the milk chocolate, but you can also get them in dark chocolate or a box of milk and dark chocolate mixed!

Anyway, enough ramblings about this, so I wish you a great day!

Bud Manz

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